A fence that suits you!

It is time! That old fence is starting to fall down and is not safe. Cows keep getting into your garden. Your neighbor has a car rusting and you are done looking at it. Whatever your reason, you are searching for the perfect fence that suits all your needs and screams style, but where to start? What height and style will be best for your needs?

Determine Purpose

A fence is the perfect way to secure privacy. It can also offer noise reduction and keep animals in, or out an enclosed area. The purpose of your fence will then determine your height and style.


Decorative fence is used for aesthetics purposes and ranges from 3-4 feet. They are great for marking property boundaries. Available in a wide variety of styles and materials to match any landscaping style.

Privacy fences are usually taller than 6 ft and range in a wide variety of styles. Our favorites are wood, corrugated tin, and vinyl. Check out our fence gallery for examples. Click Here!


The size of the animal will determine the size of the fence. To keep large animals contained, such as horse and cows we recommend standard barb fence, or a 3 rung, 2 ⅜” pipe fence. Both fences when well-maintained will serve the same purpose. The longevity of the pipe fence is lifetime, whereas the barbed fence will need maintenance routinely.


3-4’ will allow the beauty of your garden to still be visualized, but keep out small critters. If you are blessed to live in an area that experiences natural wildlife you will want to consider a 9 foot fence for deer control.

Whatever It Takes installs and repairs a wide variety of fences. Contact Casey at 435-222-4076, or fill out the online form for help in determining the fence that will suit your needs best, or for a free quote. Serving Vernal, Roosevelt, Fruitland and every area in between.

Always check local regulations and HOA’s before committing to style, height, and color.


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