Keep it safe!

When you need excavating work in the Altamont, Roosevelt, and Vernal area leave it to the professionals. An average of 25 deaths a year due to trench-related mishaps has been reported to the Bureau of Labor. Even small-scale digs can lead to improper use of heavy equipment if not properly trained. When thinking of a DIY project follow these safety tips.

  • Only run equipment that you have been properly trained for
  • Stay clear of moving machinery
  • Create a work plan
  • Wear proper safety gear
  • Never operate alone

We all want to be self-sufficient and be able to take care of our own property and projects, but lack of knowledge and experience can lead to property damage that is costly and time consuming. When considering the pros and cons of a DIY vs hiring a professional keep in mind the following:

When should a professional be hired?
1- If you choose to excavate on your own and run into rocky, muddy, or dense soil that is difficult to dig, call an expert. They will have the correct tools, equipment and knowledge to finish the dig.
2- Never dig on your own! If there are a lot of obstructions, always have someone with you to watch overhead and surrounding areas. This will minimize property damage and injury.
3- Use a professional excavator when installing irrigation lines and trenching. Lines need to be dug at a precise angle to ensure proper flow. Surrounding pipes and concrete need to be considered to minimize future issues.
4- Call a professional when digging near a home, garage, or shop. The soil around a foundation needs to be solid. A professional excavator will ensure the integrity of existing buildings.

What training and safety does the crew at Whatever It Takes undergo?

As a company that invests in return customers we strive for the best of the best. Every job is treated like it is for ourselves and loved ones. With over 15 years of experience, great pride, safety, and detail is our goal. Our crew undergoes background checks and drug screening to ensure complete safety for our customers. All crew re-certifies in multiple training areas annually, along with monthly reminders of a specific safety topic.

What project can the crew at Whatever It Takes help me with?

With multiple pieces of equipment in our fleet we are well equipped to provide a variety of services.

  • Removal of hazardous, dry, or wet soil and replace it with fill dirt or topsoil if needed
  • Land clearing, removing trees, fallen branches, and other such debris
  • In-ground trampolines
  • Agricultural pipelines
  • Stock ponds
  • Freeze-less watering systems
  • Freeze-less water spigots

When in need of Backhoe Services in Altamont, Roosevelt and the Vernal area always trust a professional. Call Whatever It Takes for a free estimate today. (435)222-4076


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