Peace of mind

At an average of 1000 calories an hour burned, jumping on the trampoline provides exercise, fun, sun, and childhood memories. The fact remains, injuries on trampolines are going to happen. Reduce that risk as much as possible and install your trampoline in-ground.

Excavating dirt

Always contact Bluestakes before excavating. The form is easy to access online at, Allow time for all utility companies in your area to mark where lines are. Check with local authorities for permitting and licenses that need to be obtained before excavation starts. On average the amount of soil that will be excavated is three dump trailers full.

Plan for the future

Depending on where the current sprinkler system waters, sprinkler heads may need to be replaced to not water the area of the trampoline. If this is not addressed the soil under the trampoline will be saturated all summer and can cause future moisture issues. Standing water in the area of the installation needs to be addressed. Consider a drain system, or adding gravel to aid in drainage.

Choosing a barrier

There are a variety of barrier options that can be used to keep dirt in place. Railroad ties, wood frame/ tin, and pre-purchased packages are all acceptable and great options.

With over a decade of experience, trust Casey and crew to excavate today. Call (435)222-4076 or fill out the online form for a free quote. Serving Vernal, Roosevelt, Duchesne and surrounding areas.


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